Onawa originally was a sailboat conceived, designed, and built by Hazen Burton and Arthur Dyer of Lake Minnetonka in 1893 with one mission in mind - build a revolutionary sailboat with no ballast that instead of sailing through the water, would sail on top of it.  Lighter and more nimble than its competitors, Onawa never lost a race and while the design is over 120 years old, the fundamentals and fortitude to follow through on the vision transcended sailing, and the design is still utilized in modern sailboat racing today.

Founding Principles of Onawa Group -

  • Elevate Clients above the Friction - Partner with businesses to enhance the retirement plan/benefit offering, become more nimble by removing administrative burden, and ensure participants understand and appreciate the benefits provided to them as a valued part of the business.

  • Priority on Service and Relationships - As smaller Agencies and Firms are being acquired by Private Equity and Mega brokers, there is a priority on EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) instead of client service and ongoing relationships.  As service, responsiveness and working with a sense of urgency have fallen by the wayside, Onawa Group is there to design streamlined plan offerings and answer the phone when clients call. 

  • Keeping it Simple with Trusted Solutions - Designing solutions that are in the best interest of the client is first and foremost.  From there, after a lengthy discovery process, we work to design plans that meet the goals of the business, are efficient to implement, and will easily be understood and appreciated by employees. 

  • Being a Business Owner -Our clients are business owners, and so are we. Understanding the challenges that are presented to business owners, and applying effective solutions in our area of expertise is a huge value add to our clients.