If not done properly, transitions of businesses can be messy, emotional, and very expensive for the next generation. We help to facilitate the succession planning discussions years in advance, help design and execute a plan, and ensure that when the business is ready to change hands, the value is maximized and there are funds available to make it happen. 

  • Buy-Sell Funding - Having a written buy-sell, based on an up-to-date valuation of the business is paramount, and putting in a proper funding strategy for each partners share of the business is the next step. A Buy/Sell without a proper funding mechanism is like sailing without a compass. 

  • Key Person Protection - Protecting your key employees with a source of liquidity can keep revenue flowing while a replacement solution is found. 

  • Exec Benefits - We help design cost-effective, tax-advantaged non-qualified deferred comp strategies to help align long-term objectives, and build wealth of the companies top talent.

  • Wealth Transfer -Helping with strategies to lower Estate Tax liability and providing funding mechanisms to ensure generational wealth.